Gakushikai and the Seven Universities

 Gakushikai seeks to support and coordinate with the Seven Universities.

Implementation of Joint Events with the Seven Universities
 Seminars and other events are jointly held with individual universities. Information exchange is also carried out with university alumni associations as well, and efforts in coordination, such as strengthening membership and event notifications, are also made.

Special Cooperation for the Seven Universities Athletic Meet
 Financial aid is provided for the host university in every year, and the Gakushikai Trophy is awarded to the university with the best overall win.

Establishment of the Seven Universities Exhibition Booth and Newsletter
 An Introduction Booth and newsletter for each university has been installed on the first floor of Gakushikai, providing the latest information.

Establishment of the Seven Universities Liaison Office
 The University Liaison Office has been established on the underground floor of Gakushikai, as a branch office for the Seven Universities. The office is freely used by each university.
*Please contact each university regarding use of the liaison office.