Activities of Gakushikai

 Gakushikai seeks to promote the interchange and spread of academic cultural knowledge.


GAKUSHIKAIKAIHO "GAKUSHIKAIKAIHO" the Gakushikai Newsletter contains contributed articles, theses, and lecture summaries from leading experts in various fields. Since its premiere issue in 1887 until now, the Gakushikai Newsletter has continued to respond to the “intellectual curiosity” of its members.

U7" contains interviews of university professors and the latest information of each university under the theme “What’s new of the Seven Universities.”

 Both publications are issued at the same time during odd months (a total of 12 issues a year), and mailed to the designated address.

Holding of Events such as Lectures

Events  The “Evening Meal” and “Midday Meal” (Lecture and western style meals) are regularly held at Gakushikaikan and the “Kansai Tea Party” (Lecture and social get together) in Kansai (Osaka/Kyoto) are regularly held. In the future, we plan to expand event locations and provide even more current topics through live conversations with “persons in the spotlight.” In addition to lectures, events according to the season and age group, such as a “Year-end family party,” “Museum excursion” and “Networking events for young people” are to be held on occasion.

Affliation with Various Companies

Gakushikai is affiliated with several companies, providing a wide range of services.

Purchasing of admissions tickets for the Kabuki theater or opera at a special rate (with benefits) and discounts when using a sports club, etc., are available.

 When moving, service to provide an estimate not only comes with a discounted price but also eliminates the need to submit a change address notification to Gakushikai.

Support for Member Activities

 Director's Cup
Gakushikai has seven clubs (billiards, go, shogi, haiku poetry, Chinese poetry, tanka poetry, Rakugo comedy). While the main activities of the clubs are usually carried out by volunteers, the Director’s Cup is presented once a year with the support of Gakushikai.


 Event information and current information are e-mailed to members with a registered address (Gakushikai Mail Magazine is only sent to members who request subscription).


A member’s only, club room (billiards, shogi, go) and reading room are available. Member benefits also include the use of other facilities as well.

  Accommodations/ Meetings, banquet and wedding

 A hotel (total 24 rooms) and a meeting and banquet hall (6-300 people) are available at member’s rates. For couples who marry in the hall, we also give a celebratory monetary gift.

*The amount varies according to the selected plan. Please contact Gakushi Kaikan for details.


 You can eat at any of the four restaurants (French, Chinese, Japanese, snacks and refreshments) at a discount price. (10% discount from the dinner menu, actual member only)

The private room is available free of charge.

For reservations, please contact GakushiKaikan

TEL: 03-3292-5936 (Representative) URL: